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Parc Fiction / Ruined Masterplans

Parc Fiction / Ruined Masterplans is a project by  Moritz Frischkorn in collaboration with the artists Ibrahim Nehmen, Myriam Boulos, Nour Sokhon, Siska and the Augmented Archive Project…

Updated video: what is the Augmented Archive?

Essay: History in Real-time

A decade after the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, what remains of the political promise of “cameras everywhere” to permit activists and protesters in the region revived forms…

Interview: Virtual History

Interview with Kaya Behkalam on (in German).  

Interview: Preserving the memory of the Egyptian Revolution

Interview with (in English). Read the whole interview here.

Berlin Utopian Tours

New project with an extended version of the Augmented Archive App: Berlin Utopian Tours by Mikala Hyldig Dal. More information about the exhibition Zukunftsland 2099 at alpha nova…

Interview: Archiving as a Means of Power

Interview with Goethe-Institut (in German and Arabic) Wer das Archiv verwaltet, hat Geschichtsschreibung und kollektives Gedächtnis in der Hand. Aus gutem Grund versuchen die Herrschenden seit Menschengedenken das…

Essay: The Augmented Archive

Knut Ebeling, Professor for Media Theory and Aesthetics at the Art Academy Berlin Weißensee. Goethe-Institut Cairo Nov 24, 2017 From Seeing History to the Archive of Trauma Excerpt…

Video: what is the augmented[archive]?

Short video documentation of the main functionalities of the augmented[archive]app.

About augmented[archive]

If you want to use the augmented[archive] app for your own video or archive project please get in touch with us! augmented[archive] – a mobile site-specific video archive for…