Updated video: what is the Augmented Archive?

Essay: History in Real-time

A decade after the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, what remains of the political promise of “cameras everywhere” to permit activists and protesters in the region revived forms…

Interview: Virtual History

Interview with Kaya Behkalam on deutschland.de (in German).  

Interview: Preserving the memory of the Egyptian Revolution

Interview with Qantara.de (in English). Read the whole interview here.

Berlin Utopian Tours

New project with an extended version of the Augmented Archive App: Berlin Utopian Tours by Mikala Hyldig Dal. More information about the exhibition Zukunftsland 2099 at alpha nova…

Interview: Archiving as a Means of Power

Interview with Goethe-Institut (in German and Arabic) Wer das Archiv verwaltet, hat Geschichtsschreibung und kollektives Gedächtnis in der Hand. Aus gutem Grund versuchen die Herrschenden seit Menschengedenken das…

Augmented Archive in Weimar

Essay: The Augmented Archive

Knut Ebeling, Professor for Media Theory and Aesthetics at the Art Academy Berlin Weißensee. Goethe-Institut Cairo Nov 24, 2017 From Seeing History to the Archive of Trauma Excerpt…

Video: what is the augmented[archive]?

Short video documentation of the main functionalities of the augmented[archive]app.

About augmented[archive]

If you want to use the augmented[archive] app for your own video or archive project please get in touch with us! augmented[archive] – a mobile site-specific video archive for…