Parc Fiction / Ruined Masterplans is a project by  Moritz Frischkorn in collaboration with the artists Ibrahim Nehmen, Myriam Boulos, Nour Sokhon, Siska and the Augmented Archive Project (Kaya Behkalam/Farhan Khalid).

Parc Fiction / Ruined Masterplans consists of walks through Hamburg’s HafenCity in which artistic testimonies from Beirut can be listened to and watched, based on the idea of overlaying one city onto the other. As the listener walks through HafenCity, he or she is invited to imagine that the explosion of August 2020 might have taken place right here, right now. At the same time, she is taken further into the reality of a different city, that of Beirut. On the walk, she becomes as much an investigator of a distant event, as she becomes a co-mourner. The Project will be launched in Spring 2022.

Photo documentation by Philipp Meuser.