I. Download the Augmented Archive app for iOS or for Android Phones.

II. Create a user profile: Sign Up for a new account.

III. Your start screen will tell you whether there are any video files in your immediate surrounding. If there are none, go to Map view [map icon] to see if you can find existing markers nearby. Otherwise zoom out.

IV. Click on any of the markers to see a preview gif of the video file.

V. Once you are close enough to a marker [20 m radius] switch to Explore mode [camera icon]. Try to find the video file in the space around you by moving your phone until you see a .gif file on your screen. Press play.

VI. You can upload your own material by clicking [create]. Press the red button to record. Press again to finish recording.

VII. Move to the place where you want the video to appear later (it takes your GPS coordinates) and click Upload at this location.

VIII. Now you can see it in the Map view and find it in your Explore window.