Augmented Archive AR at the Berlin Performing Arts Festival 2020!

augmented[archive]AR has a new experience for the PAF this year. Please view the following marker using your camera from the Augmented AR app. Make sure you follow these directions for the best possible experience!

Tip: Keep your audio on, and put your screen on the floor, the virtual exhibition puts the floor where your marker is!

1) Installaugmented[archive]AR on your smart device (you need an iPhone 6s or newer, running iOS 11.3 or later)

2) Openaugmented[archive]AR on your smart device and direct the screen on your smart device towards the screen of your laptop

The photo that you need to scan is:

If you would like to explore the artwork of augmented[archive]AR for the Utopian Tours, please use the following markers and scan them using the app.

You can open this link in your desktop browser to make it easier to scan them:

After the marker has been scanned, the 3D object appears approximately 1 meter above the marker. So look up!